4 Weeks

Welcome to 4 weeks! I'm thrilled that you're here. It probably means that you want to change some things and that you want your life to be more inspirational, creative, productive, rich, and generally more awesome.

I started doing 4 week long experiments a few years ago and to my surprise these resulted in an immensely better life.

Why 4 weeks?

Like many people I had been trying to make positive changes in my life without any results. And it should be simple, right? You decide on what you want your life to be like and make changes accordingly. But why then is it so hard to accomplish?

Then one day I decided to focus on just one single change and keep it up for 4 weeks. If I liked the change, I kept it, if I didn't, I'd throw it out.

I found that 4 weeks is short enough to last it even on will power, and it's long enough to form the start of a habit.

After 4 weeks you can either quit, or keep it up.

Change Your Life

If you want to drastically change your life, if you feel overwhelmed about all the things you need to change and you don't know where to start or how to keep at it, then 4 weeks will work wonders for you.

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