Dealing With Memories

It’s been three weeks, and I’m still cleaning up. I gave away more of my comics and some books. I found boxes of CDs, old clothes, books, spare bathroom tiles, and (gasp) video tapes…

The hardest stuff to get rid of are the boxes with memories. I’d kept old cards, trophies, the first computer my (late) father gave me, letters from when I started dating my wife. I kept all of this, because throwing them away seemed like saying farewell.

But these objects aren’t memories. They are physical reminders and I found that I don’t need them. I haven’t opened those boxes in over 6 years and while my father passed away over 20 years ago, I still think about him weekly, and many times more often than that. Similarly I enjoy being with my wife, but I’m happy with her *now*. I’m not happier when I read her old letters.

For the really great memories I use and app called Day One, but I’m not keeping any objects anymore. Those are not my family. Not my friends. Not my memories. They are mostly clutter, just taking up space.