I’ve been a little low on energy lately. For the next 4 week experiment I’d like to change that. For my energy level to improve, I intend to do the following:

  • Sleep more (7.5 to 8 hours, as opposed to 6.5),
  • Exercise (at least 20 minutes daily, I’ll make a schedule),
  • Eat better.

The first one is obvious.

The second one is doable. It’s logical that a trained person has more energy. I know a bit about endurance training and I’ll make a schedule that’ll improve my overal fitness, taking enough rest or recovery periods.

The last one, eating, will be my biggest hurdle. I know very little about food other than ‘snacks are bad’. So I’ll stop eating snacks. Other than that…

There’s so much contradictory food info on the internet (is milk healthy or not?), and since I have to start somewhere, I researched some food related books on Amazon. I settled on this one: It Starts With Food. It’s based on the Paleo diet, and it has some science in it to back up its claims.

It specifically mentions energy, so I’m interested in finding out what’s in it.

During the experiment I’ll report daily on: my energy level, food intake, sleep, resting heart rate, and weight. I’m curious how the regimen will affect me.