Feeling Like a Fraud

Sometimes I feel like a fraud.

Who am I to develop this software for you?
Who am I to give you advice on this and that topic?
Why would anybody listen to what I have to say?
Or read what I have to write?
I’m nobody. Don’t listen to me.

But I’m unique (just like everybody else). The things in my head make me different. Where I live makes me different. How I grew up, what my parents taught me, what I learned, who I loved, how I loved, what I’ve read. That’s what makes me me, the same as your unique experiences make you you.

We all have something unique to share with the world. Some of it will resonate with others, some will not.

I read at least a book a week. That’s 52 books of knowledge every year. There’s lots of knowledge in my head. Sometimes I forget that not everybody writes software or even knows how to do it. I forget not everybody reads the same books that I do. Or hold the same views that I do. That’s why people follow my advice, sometimes, when I discuss software¬†with them. Or how to be productive. Or how to follow your dreams. Or how to be happy.

So yeah, sometimes I feel like a fraud.

But some of my knowledge can help others. And as long as I can help one person live a better life, it’ll be well worth it.