Freedom to Change

I think everybody is free. We are free to do whatever we want. To live the life we want to live, how we want to live it.

I also think we are all stressed for time. Well, mostly everybody (there are exceptions). But we read about these people doing cool stuff everyday, like people making loads of money online (I’m not one of them), people traveling the world (I’m not on of them either), or other people doing extraordinary things. Thing us normal humans don’t have time, money, or guts for.

But we long for it. We dream about it. We don’t hate our life, or probably not completely, but we also want it to be better.

I refuse to let my life happen to me

But that’s not for normal human beings, right?
I’m in that category of human beings. I’ve got a full time job, a house with a mortgage and I’ve got a family that depends on me. I can’t just quit my job, sell my house and start traveling.

But I want to live my own life. I’m taking control. I will choose my own directions, not have my boss tell me what life I can live. I only have one life. I want to try out new things to do, places to go, books to read. I want to grow as a human being. I want to help others, inspire them, show them they can change their life, too.
And maybe even yours.

Every 4 weeks I’ll try something new.

Maybe I’ll form a new habit, maybe I’ll create something new, maybe I’ll change a part of my life completely.

Maybe I can inspire you to do something awesome with your life, too.

If you want to see how a ‘normal’ human changes it, watch me first.┬áIf you have questions, suggestions for my next 4 weeks, or just want to say ‘hi’, contact me on twitter.