Minimalism – Day 1

A popular approach for people starting out with minimalism is The Minimalism Game. Though it would be a fun way to start, I quickly dismissed this idea. It’d take too long to see any benefits and it’s also not very structured.

Another approach¬†Joshua and Ryan of The Minimalist write about is Ryan’s 21 day journey into minimalism. They describe how Ryan put everything in boxes, and the following days was only allowed to take out of them what he really needed. After 21 days, everything left inside he would either sell, donate, or trash.

Since I’m starting my journey on a work-day, this approach is a bit impractical. I don’t have enough time to pack all my stuff. Though my approach will be somewhat similar, I will only pack up my stuff in a small area, such as¬†one room.

Since I have a wife and two kids, I can’t pack everything. I like doing experiments every 4 weeks, but I don’t want to trouble them with everything I think I need to do at the moment. I’m not touching the kids’ toys. I’m not packing my wife’s stuff. Though she’s interested in slimming down our inventory, she won’t be as thorough. We’ll go trough her stuff at some point during the next 4 weeks, too.

For now I’ve packed over a hundred dvd’s and a few hundred comics books. It’ll be hard to let go of those, but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to read them in the next 4 weeks.