My Energy Approach

My ideas to get more energy are to sleep a lot, which for me is more than 7 hours (I’m aiming for 7.5), do at least 20 minutes of workout every week, and eat better.

For that last part I read a book about food last week. It’s very strict in what you can and can’t eat, and I totally don’t feel like doing such a strict diet. I tried to adhere to their rule when doing grocery shopping last Saturday, reading the labels on all products I usually buy.

OMG, do they add sugar to everything? Suger, dextrosis, fructosis… sugar with every name possible. I’m not ready to completely change the way I eat, but it seems I can cut back on sugar very easily by just making a few changes. Also I’ll stop eat (most) dairy products. I drink a lot of milk and have no problem replacing that with water and tea. I’ll still eat bread (sugar in it), but I’ll stop with artificial sweeteners in my tea. I’ll stop eating many deserts, eat more potatoes and much more vegetables. And two pieces of fruit every day. And I’ll stop eating chips and any form of candy. And I’ll take some multi-vitamins every day, though maybe that’s overkill with the amount of vegetables and fruit I’ll be eating.

Most of these food choices are common sense, so no real surprises here, but if I took an honest look at what kind of garbage I regularly eat, I can do so much better by just making these changes.

In the end this experiment is about getting more energy, not about losing weight or a strict diet, even though a diet may have exactly the desired effect.


  • Sleep more
  • Exercise more
  • Eat (much) better

and then:

  • Measure energy levels… somehow.

No rocket surgery here. 😉