Starting Point

My vitals, at this moment, are:

Length: 6’4″

I expect this won’t change much the next four weeks.

Weight: 212.4 lb (ouch)

I guess since I knew I was starting a healthy diet today, I decided to indulge a little more than usual, gaining too many pounds in almost two weeks. Again, I’m not weight watching, but I expect my weight or fat percentage┬áto drop a little during this experiment.

I use a Microsoft Band 2 to monitor my sleep, daily steps and heart rate. I’ve been sleeping for over 7 hours every night for the last 3 nights, so I feel well rested at the moment. There’s a big discrepancy between the amount of restful sleep I get as measured between my Band 2 and my previous tracker, the Jawbone up 24. The Band seems to assign a much smaller amount to restful sleep. Nevertheless I’ll only use that device from now on. It says I average about 1:30 hours of restful sleep a night at the moment.

No after lunch dip today, even when sitting behind a computer, so I feel good.

My resting heart rate also measured by the Mircosoft Band 2 has been about 49 during the last week. Oh how I remember my golden years where it was around 40!

Now… if anybody knows of a more or less objective way to measure my energy don’t hesitate to tell me @4_weeks on Twitter!

For now, I feel energized. Not as much as I used to feel right before an important race (trained and well rested) where I’d literally be jumping up and down with excess energy, but definitely a 7/10.