The Energy Experiment Was a Big Success

Even though I only partly implemented the actions I was going to take for this experiment, it was very eye opening.

I slept on average 7.5 hours a day as opposed to the 6.5 to 7 hours I normally sleep.

I also ate much better. I ate less ‘bad’ food: sweets, potatoes, dairy, produced meat, and I massively reduced anything that has sugar in it.

That last one was difficult. Read the labels on everything you eat for a few days: you’ll see that almost everything has some form of sugar in it.

I ate more of the good stuff: more vegetables, at least two pieces of fruit and some multi vitamins every day . I drank water and tea only.

I failed miserably in exercising more. Sleeping 45 minutes longer left me with less time during the day, and I wasn’t ready to give up playtime with my kids during this experiment.

Overall the experiment has been a big success. There are no more after lunch dips where previously I often had trouble staying awake behind my monitor. I feel far more energetic all day long. I even have a bounce in my steps when I walk. My mood has also improved a bit, especially in the evenings when I start to get a bit more tired.

Interestingly almost everybody around me had a cold or the flu during the previous 4 weeks, but I seemed to have escaped that virus. I’m totally attributing that to my increased health.

The hardest time was around Christmas, when there’s so much sweet stuff everywhere, but overall this experiment was easier to do than I’d initially thought. It’s sometimes difficult to only eat vegetables (I call it rabbit food), but reminding myself about the extra energy and health makes it much easier.

This is an experiment you can easily do yourself. You’ll already see results after a few days which makes it easier to finish the 4 weeks. And I certainly recommend it; I promise it’ll change your life.