The (Temporary) End of the Miracle Morning

It is done. In some respects my Miracle Morning experiment was a huge success. I loved having the mornings to myself. I achieved a lot. I loved the meditation and focussing more than I thought I would. I loved doing the small workouts and all the writing I did.

The downside was that I got tired. I didn’t think it was the lack of sleep, but the few times I slept more hours, I also felt better during the day. So the lack of energy was a problem, mostly at work, but also sometimes when being around my kids. I don’t like being angry with them. It accomplishes nothing – nothing good anyway – and I feel bad afterwards.

So I’m done with the Miracle Morning, but only for a little while. I intend to focus on my next energy project first, and if that works, I’ll reintroduce the Miracle Morning. I loved it that much.